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John’s Crazy Socks – “We’re Spreading Happiness Through Socks”
John and Mark Cronin
Wednesday, July 25, 9 - 10:30 a.m

This venture starts with John, a young man with Down Syndrome. No slave to fashion, John has long cherished socks that speak to his mood and his personality. He became a connoisseur of sorts, seeking out any store that might let him add to his collection. So we start with John’s love of socks. We add into that the fact that John is studying retailing and customer service at the local tech high school. As part of his personality, John pays attention to others and there’s nothing that makes him happier than coming through for someone else.  Mark and John spend a lot of time together and engage in an ongoing dialogue. Throw in their interests and experience, add their enthusiasm and sense of adventure and out comes John’s Crazy Socks.

John Cronin has something to say about President Bush wearing John's Crazy Socks. Find out here.

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