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February, 2013

President's Report

Dion White, Center for Life Resources
AAIDD Texas Chapter President

A new year is upon us and with it are new challenges and opportunities in the field of IDD services across this wonderful State of Texas.  The 83rd Legislative session has begun and there are many items our various elected leaders are trying to address.  One of the main challenges has to do with funding for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  This is an area that many service providers are watching closely in Austin.  Despite the outcome of funding for IDD services there will continue to be other challenges in our goal of providing the best services possible for our fellow Texans.  As the challenges increase I believe we must strive to work together across different provider agencies/companies to help keep our primary focus on the individual.  The Texas AAIDD Chapter is a wonderful organization to become affiliated with for this very reason.  Our membership is not reflective of one provider group but rather we have representation from varied fields across the entire IDD system of care in the State.  This is one organization where statewide challenges can be talked about and analyzed from many different views and as a result a better understanding of those challenges emerges out of the discussion.  It also is a good catalyst for coming up with solutions to challenges which are affecting the system State wide.  I would encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Texas AAIDD chapter or letting others know of the benefits of becoming a member.  Our annual conference is a great opportunity to network with others across the State from all fields within the IDD system.  In addition there are other benefits such as membership into the National AAIDD organization which gives you access to an abundance of current information regarding national trends and services.  We become a stronger system in Texas when we continue to work together towards one common core goal.  For more information about becoming a member of AAIDD which includes membership into the Texas AAIDD chapter please click here.

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