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February, 2013

Point ~ Counterpoint

Dion White, President, AAIDD Texas Chapter

Maya Vega, Director, AAIDD Texas Chapter

Consolidated Waiver

As our 83rd Legislative Session begins there is much talk about the need to develop new models for service delivery which advance more integrated systems and deliver better value to individuals with IDD.  State and federal budget pressures compel policy makers to design more innovative and cost-effective systems of care for people with IDD.  Suggestions have been made for various models and are all generally based on a set of guiding principles which we are all familiar with; Access, Choice, Outcomes, Integration, and Value.  We all agree that these guiding principles are necessary to design a high quality and person-centered care system of service delivery, but there exists a certain level of disagreement around some of the proposed systems designs.

For example, one suggestion is to consolidate some of the state’s Medicaid Waivers which could include; Community Based Alternatives (CBA), Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP), Community Living Assistance and Support (CLASS), Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and the Deaf Blind Multiple Disabilities (DBMD) waivers.  Benefits and challenges can be weighed in regards to moving towards a consolidated waiver model of service delivery.

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