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February, 2018

Regional Training

Ellis M. (Pat) Craig, Ph.D.
AAIDD Texas Chapter President

The Texas Chapter of AAIDD has periodically sponsored special regional conferences.  These are usually focused on a more specific area in the field.  For example, past regional trainings have included topics such as medical services and behavior intervention programming.


Given the recent natural disasters that have impacted the state, particularly Hurricane Harvey and its associated flooding, the Board has begun planning for a regional conference on this topic.  Given that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission has already conducted training on emergency policies and procedures, the Board has decided to focus on the impact of the recent disaster on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We hope to develop a single day program with presentations by providers in southeast Texas who went through this experience.  The presenters will describe how the individuals, families, and providers coped with the immediate emergency.  Further, there will be an evaluation of the potential lingering effects of the experience.  Finally, there will be an analysis of how providers and families can better prepare for such events.

This training will be hosted in Houston by the Texas Chapter and The Harris County Center for Mental Health and IDD.   The likely date will be in April.  More details will follow.

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