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June, 2022
Convention Report

Toye Babb, AAIDD Texas Chapter President Elect and Convention Committee Chair

As the fall convention approaches, the AAIDD Texas Chapter convention committee has worked diligently to schedule an array of interesting presentations.

Sessions relate to day to day involvement with those with IDD and autism from both a professional perspective as well as the viewpoint of recipients of services. Look forward to sessions on person centered practice, genetics, medical, and behavioral health/ issues/supports, forensics/criminal justice, music therapy, and self-advocacy/support/autonomy. 


We hope to continue increasing our Texas membership and convention attendance while providing an opportunity for continuing education and networking. Further, we also welcome donations of items to our silent auction by attendees.


The Hotel Galvez and the ambiance of Galveston will provide a welcome setting for our convention. We look forward to seeing you in Galveston!


46th AAIDD Texas Chapter Convention Committee

Toye Babb
AAIDD Texas Chapter President-Elect and Convention Committee Chair



Margo Childs

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD

Connie Cisneros

Tropical Texas Behavioral Health


Pat Craig, Ph.D.


Sherri Gilliard
The Mentor Network

Kevin Kern

Center for Pursuit

Charlotte Kimmel, Ph.D.

Independent Practice

GeRon McGlory

Spindletop Center


Rachel Medina

LiveOak Living Community


Cheryl Petty

Integral Care


Ollie, Seay, Ph.D.

Texas State University  


Lisa Simmons


Dion White

Center for Life Resources


Ken Winston

Integral Care

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