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About Us

AAIDDTX  is the Texas Chapter of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) .

As a nonprofit organization our mission is to enhance the quality of services and provide meaningful opportunities and choices for people with IDD and their families by exchanging information and ideas, and by advancing the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field.  The Association represents many disciplines (professionals, individuals with IDD and their families, and other interested persons).  AAIDD Texas Chapter provides a forum for:

  • Developing the human resources and leadership needed in the field.
  • Promoting quality services that include persons with IDD in the rhythms of the community.
  • Encouraging basic and applied research and its dissemination and application.
  • Influencing progressive public policies.
  • Promoting public awareness and attitudes.

AAIDD is a network... We invite you to join this network!
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