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Student Membership

AAIDD Texas Chapter will accept Student Member Sponsorship Applications throughout the year. The application is available through this website, at AAIDD events, faculty recruitment, and upon request from AAIDD headquarters. A committee of three, to be chaired by the Membership Chair and to include the Treasurer, will review the applications and select applicants to receive the Student Member Sponsorship.  The number of applicants selected to receive the sponsorship each year will be based on the approved budget for such.  Selected applicants will be notified in the month of January of each year. The committee will request the selected applicants to complete the AAMR membership form. Completed applications must include two letters of reference, a copy of the unofficial transcript, and a one-page typed or handwritten essay describing how the applicant intends to contribute to the field of Mental Retardation. To be considered for the following year, applications must be received by December 1 of the current year.

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