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February, 2022
Trauma-Informed Care

By GeRon McGlory, B.S., M.Ed. Crisis Intervention Specialist, IDD Services, Spindletop Center

AAIDD Texas Chapter is here to support agencies who are adopting the Trauma Informed Care model. Trauma impacts us emotionally, physically and even spiritually. It shapes how we see the world we live in as well as how we engage with others and respond to situations. No one is exempt from the experience of trauma at some point in the natural course of life. With that being said, it is crucial to understand how it impacts those we come in contact with in our work lives and our personal lives. We are planning to host a series of Trauma Informed Care trainings virtually for all members. This will be at least a 4-part series of interactive webinars to support our community in shifting our view and response to trauma. Our initial focus will be to help build a strong foundation using the model and its guiding principles. The AAIDD – Texas Chapter Board of Directors encourage you to be on the lookout for additional information.

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