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January, 2023
Membership Report

GeRon McGlory, B.S., M.Ed., AAIDD Texas Chapter Board Member

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to enhance the quality of services and provide meaningful opportunities and choices for people with IDD and their families by exchanging information and ideas, and by advancing the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field. Becoming a member of AAIDD will yield you many opportunities for professional education and additional trainings to enhance your knowledge of IDD services and approaches. Joining AAIDD lets you tap into a network of top professionals who can show you the ropes, deepen your involvement in your profession, and advance your career. AAIDD members reflect a broad array of disciplines and work in academic, community-based services, public policy and clinical settings. The typical AAIDD member is passionate about their work, the field, and the quality of life of people with IDD and their families. AAIDD welcomes you to become a member or renew your membership now. You can join by selected from several benefits packages on an annual basis for an individual or as an agency which is ideal for students, professionals, researchers, practitioners or policy makers. Join Now.

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