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June, 2024
Legislative Report

Dion White, Secretary, AAIDD Texas Chapter

Some people may wonder what can be done between legislative sessions in Texas. The 89th Texas Legislature will convene on January 14th, 2025 and adjourn on June 2, 2025. This is actually the best time to meet with your local legislator and or their staff.  The legislators are often back in their district and welcome opportunities to meet with local stakeholders. I would encourage you to schedule time to visit with them before the session starts. Convey to them your concerns regarding services and supports for those in IDD services. We all have a responsibility to be a very strong and loud voice for those who receive services and also those who provide the care. Be concise with your time and always have handouts and information that the legislator and staff can read more thoroughly later. Follow up after your meeting to insure they don't have any questions. If you cant schedule a meeting then schedule a telephone meeting. You could also use other options such as zoom or Facebook. It is during this time the foundation will be established going into the next session. When the session starts it really is too late to make an impactful statement. Now is the time to act.

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