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September, 2021
Membership Report

Charlotte M. Kimmel, Ph.D., Fellow AAIDD

As an organization, the Texas AAIDD Board Members are continuing to evaluate our conference. One of the interesting facts that has continued to stand out over the years is that most of our conference attendees are not members of AAIDD, Texas Chapter. This has been true for almost 20 years – maybe longer.

It is an interesting fact. We have members who do not attend the conference and non-members who do attend. The non-members typically do not become members while the members continue to pay membership fees but do not attend the conference.

The Texas Chapter Board has decided to really take a closer look at this data.  We want to determine what the Board can do to encourage members to attend the conference while also encouraging non-members who do attend the conference to become members of AAIDD and therefore become automatic members of Texas Chapter also. You will be hearing more about this project in the future. If you have any feedback about this issue, please email me at

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